Miners Cap Lamp & Missing Person Locator

Mining Tunnel Background

Miners Cap Lamp & Missing Person Locator

Our 2in1 device: SMARTLIGHT CAP LAMP &
MISSING PERSON LOCATOR bring something completely new – LIGHT & SAFETY never seen before. Personnel trapped behind rocks that’s equipped with these 2in1 devices can be located by a rescue team in 30m sphere, even through a
SOLID ROCK WALL. It is possible by means of
Missing Person Locating Device – MinSearch-08.
This locating device searches for and computes the low frequency signal that’s being emitted by the 2in1 device. The low frequency signal is active for up to a week from a full battery charge. This gives the rescue teams enough time for successful rescue operations.

Missing Person Locator
Cap Lamp & Missing Person Locator

SmartLight cap lamps manufactured by PJTech carry ATEX certificate and can be used in the mines and places contaminated with methane at any concentration.

APPROVED by DMR in accordance with SABS1438-2013