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PJ Tech Industrial Metal Detection Systems are designed to protect downstream equipment (e.g. crushers, mills, conveyor belts) from damage by a conveyed tramp metal. Our detectors are able to detect magnetic and non-magnetic metals while ignoring very conductive and sometimes even magnetic ores that are so common within African mining industry (iron, copper, nickel, manganese, vanadium, platinum, gold, etc). Our detectors have proven themselves in seemingly “impossible” applications. They also perform with a great success in applications where steel corded conveyor belts are used. We also offer a range of accessories, e.g. three types of Marking Devices (to easily locate detected tramp metal), Steel Clip Detectors (to allow the clips to pass without tripping the belt).

Electromagnets versus Metal Detectors

Permanent or self-cleaning electromagnets are commonly used whenever materials are conveyed on belts. Nonetheless, they are not able to remove any of non-magnetic pieces of metal (such as chrome steel, stainless steel, high manganese content steel, etc.) as well as wedged metals between conveyed material. Therefore, the optimal solution for most applications is to make use of a metal detection system installed downstream from an electromagnet.