Air Cannons

Air Cannons

System Information


There are four main problems associated with interruption of free flow of bulk solids in bunkers, hoppers, silos transfer chutes etc., as shown in Figures – 1, 2, 3 & 4 below. Please note these illustrations are for general information only.

Air Cannon System Information

CLINGING – Figure 1
Material deposits stick to the sides of hoppers. It reduces free-flow. In addition, it also creates possibility of material breakages from sides of the vessels.

BRIDGING – Figure 2
Blockage at the outlet of the storage silo that creates an air filled “pocket”. This results in complete loss of production. This is a common problem where fine materials are being processed and the moisture content is higher than normal.

RATHOLING – Figure 3

This is an extreme form of clinging resulting in reduced free-flow. In this case it requires regular top ups of small quantities of material. This results in production loss. Vibration equipment as a solution can result in huge lumps of material breaking away and blocking the outlet. Vibrators are limited to metal hoppers, etc only.

ARCHING – Figure 4
Type of bridging that occurs at a high level within a hopper/silo. This condition creates a dangerous situation for operators when trying to clear the blockage. Also, there is a possibility of health/maintenance/damage issue.


  • Determine cause of the problem – by PJ TECH’s Engineers.
  • Engineer a solution based on PJ TECH’s experience.
  • Apply our operator friendly solution.


PJ TECH’s Engineers have full technical backup from management to boardroom level. Each installation team is supervised by a competent member of staff, e.g., Contract Engineer. Operation and Maintenance Instruction Manuals in both – electronic & hard copy are supplied with each Installation. Periodic Service and Maintenance contracts are available with each installation.