PPE - Required PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) must be worn at all times while present on site. All PPE must be in good condition. All personnel to consult plant specific information boards for lists of all PPEs to be worn. Should the sign not be available, required PPE must be consulted with a plant responsible person and respective PPE shall be worn for the job to be performed.
Tools - Only correct tools for a given task can be used. All tools to be inspected by the user for defects prior to works commencement. Any faulty tools cannot be used and must be replaced. Close attention should be given (but not limited to) to the following:

Work at Heights - A safety harness must be worn for all tasks that need to be performed at height more than 2m above the floor level. Only safety harnesses in good condition must be used. Attachment points shall be provided and indicated to PJ Tech’s personnel by the responsible Engineer.

Tidiness & Cleanup - The construction site must be kept tidy at all times. All waste must be kept in one spot away from walkways, passages, etc. All waste to be removed to a designated by Client waste bins. This task must be performed at the end of each work day.
Toolbox / 5 Minute Safty Talks - All safety talks to be recorded and performed daily.


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