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Performance and Workmanship Guarantee

The Suppression System efficiency is guaranteed to suppress 95% of the visible dust escaping during material process. PJ Tech Dust Suppression Systems are warranted against defects in workmanship and materials for period of 12 months from date of commissioning. Within the warranty period, the faulty product will be repaired or replaced by PJ Tech free of charge. Extended warranty period of the dust suppression system can be negotiated if regularly maintained by PJ Tech’s service team. All spare parts are stocked and available from PJ Tech.

Safety Assurance

Our equipment manufacturing processes as well as on site installations are performed safely and in a proper workmanship manner. The following measures are being undertaken to ensure safety and quality:

Safety Induction - All PJ Tech personnel must undergo required client specific Safety Induction. All required certification must be obtained.
Work Permits - Work permits must be obtained from the responsible Engineer prior to commencement of any works. Electrical Isolation - All machinery worked on must be electrically isolated. PJ Tech correctly marked padlocks to be used for this purpose.
HIRA - Health & Injury Risk Assessment must be completed prior to any works.
Hot Works - Fire extinguisher or water hose must be available at the location of hot works. The user must check integrity of welding machine as well as earthing prior to welding. Check integrity of cutting torch including hoses and flashback arrestors.

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